literature club

The ISQLD Literature Club is a place where Iranian can meet with three main concerns: reading club and writing club, and poetry club. The Literature Club has been an ongoing and active club for several years.

 It is based upon using the creativity skills it takes to be a writer or know about literature. Club members meet to discuss books in the reading club and the craft of writing in the club related. Some members choose to share their writings during the meetings, therefore starting many discussions. At times they critique each other’s work and offer suggestions.

 The Literature Club is more than just a club for reading and writing; it is also a place where Iranian can come to share their insights on, life, and literally issues. We’re like a family, sharing frustrations, trials, and happy moments.

We welcome anyone and everyone with a passion for writing, reading, and creativity.


Hootan Hoviat Doost

Peiman Nik Nazar

Farsaad Afroogh


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