When: Saturday 24/11/2018 09:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m
Where: Iranian Society of Queensland 28, Eagle Terrace, Milton 4064.

Following its commitment to promote multiculturalism and cultural exchange between the Iranian and Australian community members, ISQLD held an art event for children from both communities as a painting competition titled ‘Union via Colours’ in Milton Park. In addition to Iranian children and children from various ethnic background, the children residing in the same neighbourhood of ISQ and their parents were invited. The event consisted of various small workshops of children’s interest.

“Union via colors”, a celebration of colors, Art, friendship, prosperity and bound between Iranian Australians, new arrivals, migrant and our neighbours in Milton, held on 24/11/2018 with more than 112 participants. It was for promoting cross-cultural understanding, especially for children. Together we could take this message of peace to build prosperity by promoting a greater understanding of each other.

“Supported by the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund and the Councillor for Paddington Ward”