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“Mehrgan” or “Jashn-e Mehr” is a Zoroastrian and Persian (current Iran) festival marking the beginning of autumn; celebrated since the pre-Islamic era to honour the divinity/God of “Mehr” (Mehr meaning affection). In today’s Iran, it is still one of the few ancient festivals that the public at large continue to celebrate this symbolic festival of friendship, kindness, love and affection

People attending this event can expect a mini-festival, to get acquainted with the traditions, philosophy and history of this festival and also view a range of Persian handicrafts and art elements. They will also have the chance to taste some of the delicious Persian foods and delicacies

This event also includes a two hour music performance by one of Brisbane’s home-grown Persian bands, Kimiya Ensemble; who will perform a range of “Iranian folk” pieces from different parts of Iran

Kimiya Ensemble
Six artists, Persian singers and instrumentalists recently combined their talents to form Kimiya Ensemble. Their goal is to revive folkloric music from different regions in Iran and promote music that appeals not only to Persian communities, but all nationalities. Unique sounds are captured through the use of classical instruments such as the violin, cello and piano. The preservation of Persian folk music is at our music’s forefront; therefore Kimiya Ensemble combines these classical sounds with Persian traditional instruments such as the tar, tombak and other percussion. This music has been woven to blend with the seamless voices of our soprano and tenor soloists. Perhaps as you listen you will find yourself immersed in this enigmatic, beautiful Persian art as the music is intended to touch your very soul

for more information please refer to the event Facebook page