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Mehregan Festival with Faramarz Aslani

Mon 1st Oct 2012 , Brisbane Power house

About Faramarz Aslani
Faramarz Aslani is an Iranian guitarist, songwriter and Persian folk/pop singer. He was born in Tehran and later moved to England to get his bachelor’s degree from London University’s college of Journalism. After graduation he moved back to Tehran and worked for several publications, including Tehran Journal and CBS.

His music passion and talent has led him to the professional music career.
After the Iranian Revolution he moved back to England with his family.
Music career His albums are few and far in between. His signature song, Age Ye Rooz (If One Day…), released in 1977, passed its 35 years anniversary in 2012. Other international singers, such as Ajda Pekkan, have recorded
this song in Turkish and other artists have recorded it in many other languages.
He has a special style mode who makes him the prominent member among other Iranian pop musician.
He is the recipient of the Golden Lion Award by the Persian Academy from the prestigious International Further Studies Institute, for his musical achievements as a singer/ songwriter. His latest album, Khate Sevom (The Third Line), was released in October 2010.